Our Counselors

Valerie Wilson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Valerie Wilson is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and the newest member of the Paper Cranes Behavioral Health team. She provides counseling services for children, adults, couples and families. Mrs. Wilson was previously employed with Graduation Solutions, LLC, a dropout recovery program for students who are working towards completing their high school diploma, in Mesa, AZ. In her role, Mrs. Wilson provided counseling services that assisted students, staff, and their families in identifying and coping with barriers that interfere with student success.

Mrs. Wilson earned her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Mrs. Wilson is also a licensed massage therapist, earning her Associate degree from Virginia College at Birmingham. Mrs. Wilson is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Education and Supervision.

As an instructor in therapeutic massage programs, Valerie often brought attention to pathologies related to mind and body connections. She hopes to help individuals develop a higher sense of self-awareness by exploring daily activities and thought processes that may contribute to their physical and mental disease, and to assist her clients in discovering ways to achieve a sense of wholeness through psychotherapy and self-care that will help maintain mental and physical health.

Valerie and her husband, Nicholas, are parents of three sons. She believes that her unique family dynamic, integrated with her professional experience, has contributed to her success in helping teenagers and young adults and their parents navigate obstacles in life. She is honored to have an opportunity to walk out life’s journey with you and your families, providing services for individuals, couples, and families.