About the Practice

Paper Cranes Healthcare is a primary care practice providing a wide range of services to men, women, and children living in Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona. Paper Cranes Healthcare practices integrated care, combining both physical and mental health services. The practice benefits from having female family nurse practitioners, licensed counselors, and a registered dietitian who is also a certified diabetes educator.

Among their comprehensive range of services, they offer support for patients with chronic health problems like diabetes and hypertension, annual physicals and immunizations, weight loss programs, and couples counseling.

Paper Cranes Healthcare’s founders are a family of life-long friends, including husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, and daughters and sons. Their love and concern for each other is the driving force behind their goal of creating a family-oriented primary care practice that feels as if it’s an extension of their family.

The Paper Cranes Healthcare founders’ experience includes 25 years of medical billing and practice management, along with IT services and EMR (electronic medical record) software. After so many years helping hundreds of medical professionals throughout the United States improve their practices, the Paper Cranes Healthcare founders decided to use their expertise to create Paper Cranes Healthcare.

The name of the practice comes from a story, “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.” Sadako is a young girl who has leukemia. During her cancer treatment, she starts making origami paper cranes, planning to create 1,000 to help her heal and keep her spirit alive forever. The love and devotion of her friends and family helped Sadako complete the 1,000 paper cranes.

Paper Cranes Healthcare takes its name from this story because it’s such a powerful representation of the importance of community and caring. The Paper Cranes Healthcare team sees the act of making 1,000 paper cranes as symbolic of their mission to support patients and their families. Their promise to all their patients is to help them by providing caring, strength, courage, and love, just as Sadako’s 1,000 cranes helped her.