Spreading Nutrition to the Valley

On January 18th, Lynn Lanza, spent 45 minutes on a local radio show discussing a variety of healthcare topics.  She joined Barb Regis on the show “Best of Health”, aired on Phoenix Business Radio.  Listen to the entire radio segment here

Here at Paper Cranes we find ourselves pretty luck to have our very own Registered Dietitian (RD) right here in our office.  Most primary care office will barely talk to you about nutrition, much less give you a referral to see a qualified RD.  We make it even easier for our patients by having an RD right down the hall.
Listen in to last week’s episode on Best of Health Radio by Business Radio X, where our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Lynn Lanza discusses a whole host of topics with her with her colleagues, fellow RD Carrie Perrino and Physician’s Assistant and host Barb Regis:
1. What a Registered Dietitian is and why you should be seeing one?
2. What is chronic inflammation, what causes it and why is it so bad for you?
3. The importance of creating an awareness of daily eating habits.
4. The benefit of Dietitians and providers working collaboratively to help improve patient outcomes.
5. The importance of accountability when making behavior change (23:45).
6. What to expect when you come see a Registered Dietitian (24:24).
7. What about Organic produce (27:42)
8. What a dietitian thinks about Weight loss: calories in vs. calories out or quality (30:20)
9. What about my Macros (32:49)
10. What does a dietitian really think about a ketogenic diet (33:57)
11. The importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle (37:17)
12. How to access Registered Dietitian services- be your own advocate (42:00)
13. Lynn’s thoughts on one thing you can start doing to improve you health today (44:17)
14. Ingratiated health at Paper Cranes Healthcare (45:30)
If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Lynn, give us a call at 480-704-3474. If you are a patient of Lynn’s tell us about your experience and why other’s should sit down with her soon!

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