Eat This or That?

Cobb salad


Ever thought to yourself, “I’m going to order a salad because I want to eat healthy”? Well this might not actually be the case depending upon where you go out to eat. So here is my best advice on how to ensure you actually get a nutritious salad instead of an unhealthy restaurant meal disguised as a salad:

1. Skip the shell:
Taco salads are notorious for coming in a fried shell, which can pack on an extra 400 calories, over 20g fat and over 40g carbohydrates. For some folks, this is the equivalent of a meal before you even add the fillings.

2. Max out the vegetables:
For many salads you order at a restaurant, the word “salad” should be taken lightly. For example, many pasta salads have very little vegetables at all and are mostly starch based. When ordering your salad, make sure at least 50% of the entree is actually vegetables. An easy way to do this is reading the ingredient and looking for at least 4 different non-starchy vegetables- think lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, etc. Some restaurants will swap out more vegetables in place of heavier ingredients if asked.

3. Ask for heavy items on the side:
Restaurants want your food to taste REALLY REALLY good so you keep coming back so, they load on the fat, salt, and sugar. Moderate this by asking for ingredients like cheese and dressing on the side. This way you get to decide how much you want to add.


4. Do your research:
All restaurants with 20 or more locations must, by law, have their nutritional information available to their customers and many add this information online. Take the time to look ahead online and you’ll save yourself the guesswork while dining.

Recipe for Lynn’s Homemade Cobb Salad: Eat This or That Cobb Salad

Stay healthy friends and keep an eye out for more healthy snacks like this here on the Paper Cranes Wellness Blog! 

More Information:
Here you can find the nutritional information for the Cheesecake Cobb Salad I referenced in the video:

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